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Jennifer Acker

Areas of specialty

Attachment Issues, Trauma, Complex Trauma, Relational Trauma, Intimacy Challenges, Sexual Intimacy Challenges, Reclamation of Lost Relationship with Self

Education + Certifications

Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work; Certified in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy; Certified Sex Addiction Therapist; Certified Partner Trauma Therapist; Certified Mother Hunger Therapist; Post-Induction Therapy Certification; Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath Certification; EMDR and Intensive Somatic Attachment Training; Extensive energy healing training with Dana Childs; Certified Reiki Master.


I create a healing, safe environment to get at the heart of my clients’ relationship difficulties, including the most precious and often most complicated relationship: the one with ourselves. Addiction, anxiety, depression, and other symptoms can feel insurmountable. I know there is a power inside of everyone that is far greater than these symptoms. Recovering this power is my focus – and my passion. My aim is to help you uncover the source of these symptoms in a safe and supportive way. The source can often be found in past trauma, which results in negative, limiting beliefs about ourselves and sabotaging behaviors. From there, we work forward, helping you build new liberating beliefs about yourself and your life.

"Healing is a relinquishing of harmful ideas. Everyone already has what they need to heal themselves.”
Jennifer Acker
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