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A Personal Approach

Jennifer Acker talks with everyone seeking services and matches them with the therapist who will best meet their needs. Everyone receives a personal map of their growth journey.

What services do you provide?

We offer sessions for individuals, couples, and groups. Jennifer Acker provides intensive sessions, which
range from three to five hours long. She also provides supervision services, helping other professional
therapists conduct their work effectively.

Do you take insurance?

No, we do not work directly with any insurance companies. We provide our clients with all the paperwork they need to submit their own reimbursement claims.

Are appointments virtual or in person?

We provide both options.
Our team operates as a hybrid organization.
The location of appointments depends on the therapist and their schedules and preferences.

How long do appointments last?

Standard appointments last 50 minutes.
Jennifer Acker's intensive sessions last anywhere from three to five hours.

How much do appointments cost?

Our therapist fees range from $175 to $375 per hour.
We can provide a rate once you are matched with your therapist.

What is the standard length of treatment?

It depends on your goals and the issues you want to address. Some clients work with us for a few months; Others work with us over the course of several years.
Our goal is always to have you thriving on your own when we complete our work together.


Libby Fox

Executive Assistant

“Jen and this group of women are genuine and kind. This is one of my favorite jobs.”

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