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A Mirror and Map

We are here to help you recover your birthright of freedom.

Uncovering the source of negative personal beliefs and creating healthy new ones can be intense and uncomfortable. We approach this work with confidence and deep listening and are committed to honesty inquiry and dialogue – with love.


Addiction, anxiety, depression and other symptoms can feel insurmountable. We help you examine these symptoms in a safe and supportive way. The source can often be found in past trauma, which results in negative, limiting beliefs about ourselves and sabotaging behaviors. From there, we help you build new liberating beliefs about yourself and your life.


Our Approach

We believe a holistic approach is most effective. We work with a combination of therapeutic tools, tailored to your unique needs.

Healing is a relinquishing of harmful ideas. You already have what you need to heal. It is our privilege to guide you through that remarkable journey back to self. Recovering our life force requires courage and honesty – a mirror and a map – as well as an experienced guide. 


This therapeutic approach is based on Jennifer Acker's 30 years of experience as a social worker, psychotherapist and life-long student of human behavior and the healing arts. This philosophy is shared by every member of our team.

Jennifer Acker Therapist
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